How to use this site to the fullest!

Let’s go over a few things before we begin! We need to make sure that your workspace is prepared and ready to go so you can get your WordPress up and running even faster!

Steps For Success:

1 Use A Desktop or a Laptop

This experience is best for computers and laptops! Have this site opened on its own tab so you can easily navigate through it.

2 Tabs

Follow along with each lesson with your own site at on another tab! There’s no use in constantly trying to close and open this site and CI Keys, so just flip in between them on two separate tabs!

3 Menus

If you want to skip ahead or if you get lost the site menu at the top of each page is your best friend! Click through the numbered steps to follow the logical order of beginning your first CI Keys site or go backwards or forwards to different steps at your leisure.

Tired of scrolling back to the top every time you complete a step? Use the “^” button at the bottom right hand corner of every page to automatically scroll back to the top menu

en_USEnglish (United States)
en_USEnglish (United States)